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We are located on Purdue Campus Stewart Center (STEW) G20

The Purdue LGBTQ Student Alliance serves as the umbrella organization for the LGBTQ+ community of Purdue University. We strive to promote a sense of unity in a comfortable and secure atmosphere and attend to the social, emotional, and political needs of the LGBT (and otherwise queer) population.

The LGBTQ Student Alliance offers students a safe place to hang out, relax, or study between classes. It's also a great place to make new friends! In past semesters we have played host to numerous social events, including game and coffee nights, picnics, dances, discussions/panels, etcetera (!).

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Last Meeting of the Year
30 April 2014

Lavendar Graduation
6 May 2014
PMU Anniversary Drawing Room

2nd Chance Prom
17 May 2014
Pride Lafayette
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